Welcome to ALOW

Welcome to the Official website of the ALOW, Assistance to Less fortunate, Orphans and Widows. This website will teach you about our non-profit charity and what we stand for.

   Helping Hands  


About Us

ALOW (Assistance to Less fortunate, Orphans and Widows) is a non-profit charity aimed to support Ottawa’s less fortunate, Orphans and Widows. We provide a helping hand towards people of all kinds. ALOW provides sustainable solutions that give these people the power to change their lives.

45,000 Canadian Childern are Orphans - 2 Million Widows in Canada - 30,000 Less Fortunate in Canada

Our Future

ALOW is focused on providing to those in need all across Ottawa. We have been very successful this year and within the next year our goal is to expand our charity from the Ottawa region to ALL across Canada. We are working with local charity’s from all across Canada to rebrand themselves with the ALOW name and we will provide the knowledge and capital for them to help their local community even more.

Our Vision

Less People Suffering, Less Orphans, Less Widows Suffering


ALOW needs the help of others to make helping others possible. We hold fundraising events atleast once a month and sometimes more often. We hold special fundrasing events such as carnivals, Hockey games, movie nights and much more. Please visit our Social Media for more information regarding these events.